Especially For Sissy

If you follow this blog, you know that I did a rediculous search for baby girl bedding… I finally found the one that I loved, and Kris thought it looked like curtains out of my Grandmas camper!

He never saw her camper, but it was so SWEET! I ended up going back to the original fabric I found months ago in pink and brown.

I handed the fabric over to a super, amazingly talented gal at church who created this beautful bedding for our Molly. Daddy loves it…I guess having girls are different. He never had much to say about the boys bedding! This little girl is sleeping in a super fly crib…well kinda sleeping 🙂
Thank you Mitzi for getting her crib all set up before we arrived home from Korea, it is perfect.


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  1. YAY for sleeping in her crib. She is doing so well with adapting to all the new things in her life. Savannah has finally been sleeping through the night the last couple nights in her crib! These little girls just need extra lovin’! Love all the pictures, thanks for sharing!


  2. I just love the bedding, she did such a beautiful job! Hooray for new pics! I was going to call you both yesterday and today… but the day got away! How ’bout tomorrow?? I call ya. Hi Molly, it’s Auntie! I love and miss you!! Give hugs to the smother brothers too! I wish I could see them being brothers! They were so great with Annika, so I can imagine….


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