Its MY Party…
i can cry if I want too, cry if I want too, cry if I want too…you would cry too if it happened to YOU!
Yep, its my birthday today..I actually forgot all about it. October flew by with the fun and entertaining visit from my Sis and her beautiful family. Next came the call to travel to pick up our blessing, then the trip, the home adjustment and here we are in November already. Whew.
I woke up this morning to three very excited little boys wanting to take me out to breakfast! I even got to choose…Cracker Barrell of course!
We had a yummy time enjoying the morning with Daddy who was sweet enough to take time to be with all of us 🙂 I felt like going back to bed for a huge nap but am SO glad they got me out of the house. Three glasses of sweet tea and lots of busy hands helped with the wake up process!
I had a “moment” when the hostess asked me “how many”….I finally got to say *6*!!! She said, “and how many are children”. I got to answer *4*…but technically *5* when Daddy is in just the right mood :).
We had a little photo shoot with Molly…adorable, I must say. She is a princess! I think I may be a proud Momma and enter one in a contest…what do you think, which one ? Red Checker, Black Checker, White Rocker????
Thanks Kris for making my day special with your love and time! I am honored to be your wife, friend, partner in ministry and Mommy to your three knights and one princess.


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  1. What a great present that God have given you — having Molly home in time to help celebrate your birthday.I like all 3 pictures, but the red checker is simply adorable.


  2. Happy Bday Jen! It looks like you were treated royally! Your children are all so adorable and Molly is the most perfect addition. Wish we could celebrate your bday at BUNKO, tomorrow night. A couple years ago, we celebrated your 30th and Molly at BUNKO- remember!?! We will miss you and Molly! Love ya, Rachel


  3. Happy Birthday!!!! What a great way to celebrate – with your amazing family.I like the red checker. (They are all good) But there is something about her profile that is just adorable.Enjoy the rest of your special day. Love ya, Charity


  4. I’ll take all 3 please. 🙂 So precious! And Cracker Barrell!!! Man, that’s the one thing I wish we had in california. Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Jenny! Love you very much.


  5. I love the one with the red checker! Your children are too cute and so sweet. When we left the adoption group Saturday, Keaton said, ” Bye Eli. I will bring my scooter next time so you can ride it.” All Eli could talk about was all his new best friends!Jennifer Moore


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