Girl Time…

Sissy slipped her foot into my shoe, so I fit the princess for her other slipper and we had an instant party. Bows always make any occasion festive 🙂 Her hair is coming in more…maybe because I’ve washed her hair every day since we met! It is so fun to see my husband and sons love our baby girl. They too, love to see her all pretty. She melts our heart constantly. We are amazed how perfectly she has adjusted to all of us. Loads of prayer on her behalf has made her entrance to our family beautiful and smooth!


5 thoughts on “

  1. Kate wears those SAME hairbows! I love hair!Kate is already walking in those plastic princess dress up shoes…. it’s tooo funny hearing her clack, clack, clack around in those on the wood floors. I see them in your future as well!


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