New Nighthowell

So…Molly has super advanced Nighthowell! This girl cant party longer and with more enthusiasim than any of us. She woke up 8 times last night :(. Her ears are still bothering her…and her tooth and her cough. 12:42 is when she began her Nighthowell party. It continued every other hour all night.I like to call it bonding but it really is insanity. I expected nothing different and am thankful that we are two weeks into loving Molly at home. Hopefully when she is feeling better she can “sleep through the night” that phrase that makes a new Mommy want to cry tears of joy!


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  1. How cute she is on the stove top. You need to set up scheduled times for “helpers”. I’ll go first. I’ll take 2-5 which is usually when I am up. Other than that, I am dead to the world. Hope her little ears get to feeling better soon. Can you tell I am putting off as much as possible today? This is only the second time I’ve been to your blog. ;0) ;0)-Charity


  2. Hi Jen, I am a bit of a blog stalker so I thought I’d pop in and introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am a friend of the Geoghegan family in TN. Anyway I thought I would just stop bye say hi and tell you congrats on your beutiful daughter. And I hope you don’t mind me following the happenings in your household.Oh ya and the homecoming video doesn’t seem to be working now…


  3. Oh, I forgot to add that I usually dont sit my children on the stove top!! hahhaha. but we were looking at the tea kettle and the time on the clock made for a great pic.Jen


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