5 Bucks!

Keaton Kraigary lots his first tooth this weekend…he wiggled, jiggled, and twisted it until it popped out! We all were proud of his new sweet smile. The first tooth always gets Kris and I though. It means our boy is growing up 🙂 The first tooth also means 5 BUCKS from the tooth angel. I made the mistake of giving Zach 5 for his first tooth…and of course Keat has been counting the days until he looses his 5 dollar tooth. Tonight Peyton Jeff was crying in bed because Keat told him he had to wait like 2 more years before he got his 5 dollars…Peyton cried of course. What a nice way to end the day 🙂

Daddy took him today after church and let him pick out his treat. What toy would deserve the honor of the 5 bucks???? A Star Wars action figure!

Congrats Keat…we love your new smile!


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  1. Congrats Keaton!.! Glad you finally got it out of there (and not at the soccer match for me to see ;0)Jen- they are growing up – to be fine young men. My boys just love your guys. And I am thankful they are such good influences on the Morris clan.Tell everyone I said hi. Catch you later.


  2. love the missing teeth Jen. Sad but true, they all end up growing up. It is so bitter sweet isn’t it? We are all doing great up here. Thanks for your comments on my post. I get so much out of your blog…thanks for sharing. My baby Audrey is growing out of her late nights and into better sleep and mommy is very thankful. I’ve just been spending more time at home this semester and loving it. I’m ganna wait till after Christmas to get the kids into extracurricular stuff…ya know, when you really need things to do in the long Feb and March days. I’ll try to remember how beautiful the snow is and be thankful, since you asked. It is hard to not just want warmth and sun but I guess I do like the coziness of our home during these months.Have a great day and give that new baby girl a squeeze for us. I like the idea of a sister 🙂Whoa this comment has gotten long…Sorry! Later


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