Finally The Fire

Temps are cooling off around west TN…cooling off meaning 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! The boys have been so excited to turn on the fire…it reminds them of the winter we are missing out on. We had a big talk recently about all the fun things they can still do here because it isnt below 30 degrees 🙂 Like ride bikes year round etc. Still, snow means winter to the Howells but we love TN and the change of season, so we are thankful for a beautiful state.

The fire also reminds them of our first winter here in TN last year when we moved in just as the Holidays hit! We are so excited for a cozy Christmas season (we draw it out as long as possible). I think we are actually decorating BEFORE Thanksgiving this year…


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  1. Oh thank you for your precious words.!!! You are very good with words. We’ll get the pics over to you sometime this weekend. We love you guys. Riding down the winding road,Charity


  2. I have to admit this is cracking me up. We don’t even have our heat on yet (except when my sister comes over) I can’t imagine WANTING snow before the new year. I think I would freeze to death in Alaska. But as far as celebrating goes – I am all for it. Bring on the mistletoe ;0)


  3. What a beautiful fireplace! We draw out the Christmas season as long as possible, too. We’ve had the Christmas tunes going for a good three weeks already…and every time Amy Grant’s “Tennessee Christmas” comes on, I think of you guys. 🙂


  4. That is gorgeous! You certainly have a beautiful home. Like you, we also miss the winter in Alaska (to some degree) and being able to have fun in the snow. Our girls have seen snow only a few times in their lives. Such a strong contrast to getting up early to plug your car in (don’t miss that!). 🙂 No apologies for decorating early…we already have our two Christmas trees up! And we love the cozy, wintery feeling it conjures up. Makes drinking hot cocoa, baking ornaments and painting that much more fun. Who says we can only celebrate for 4 weeks? Some years I have put up my tree before Halloween for the girls to put Kleenex ghosts on it for their party, then redecorating after…lots of family fun. Enjoy the season!


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