Worth the Wait…

Our first referral pic of our girl came May 30th 2008. Next we received a suprise 5 month shot in the yellow dress. Then came the shocker 8mo pic while my Sis and her fam were here, just days before we got “the travel call”. Each one precious to us. We just can’t say enough about Holt Childrens Services in Korea and the way they love on the babies!

The announcement was made by my sister shortly after her referral! Every step of the way was a lesson in patience, love, hope, and faithfulness as we learned to not place our trust in our own time frame. Adoption is full of ups and downs. I remember being full of hope one day and then let down by a missed deadline the next.

Several Sundays I had tears of both hope and frustration. All of these feelings are known by the heart of God. And not a single day went by that was a suprise to Him. He knows all about waiting for children far away. WE are those children and He runs HARD after one sheep. If you need to learn about how much God adores and treasures you, get on the adoption train and experience the unfailing love the he longs to show us.


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  1. I love seeing these pictures! Do you know any good Christian books on adoption and good fundraiser ideas?? I have ideas but I am struggling to get going. Everything is done so we are just waiting for that call!


  2. Precious!!!!Well, we have our answer. God is working, but as usual we can't see the whole picture so we don't know what to make of it. Thanks for being there & helping us along this crazy ride. We'll have to repay you – how does Dollywood sound in the spring?Back to waiting,Charity


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