Confessions of a Mom in TN…

I’m not gonna lie, the big TN southern bell bow tradition is growing on me and my daughters forhead! When we first arrived in Jackson I rarely saw a little girl out in public without a HUGE bow in her fixed up hair! It cracked me up…now, I AM that MOM. For a little Sister that hasnt much hair…the bow is a fantastic accessory.

I found a bow shop near Memphis that doesn’t charge 6 bucks a bow…isn’t that crazy. For now Molly keeps them on so we will wear them out while we can get away with it! I seriously match her outfit according to the bow of the day…I know, out of control.


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  1. Enjoy while it last. I made my 2 girls wear them until the middle of their 2nd grade year. Of oourse they wanted to stop wearing them in Kindergarten! She is adorable!Jen Moore


  2. I don’t know what it is about the bows…Carlee Hayse does not leave the house without a bow in her hair!! I am not that kind of girl myself, I do good to wash my hair every other day or so. I guess it is just a fun thing that us moms of sweet girls get to do. I am sure that they will grow out of it at some point, but until then, we can enjoy it!!!


  3. hee hee I almost commented that Morgan was wearing her TN bow in a pic I just put on our blog the other day! Molly looks adorable in them… let’s catch up on the phone.. tomorrow? Love ya


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