Homecoming Party!

Sissy was the guest at her sweet homecoming party yesterday! Our FSM leaders and student families came to show love to our princess (who is 10 months old today). Molly was showered, spoiled and treasured. Thanks Tricia, Alison, Donna, M Duse and India! We had a blast spending time with you all and are blessed to have you all in our life, especially as we add Molly to our family. Your friendship is a huge encouragement as we serve FSM with you.

Morgan came by on her way to a bball game! How sweet is she to make time for us 🙂

Tricia and Alison are two of our awesome, fun and devoted leaders. The friendship they share with the girls is beautiful!

M Duse is one of our INCREDIBLE parents! Mother of three sweet kids and wife to J Duse who also rocks in youth ministry every week with us!
Grace and Sarah came by for a sweet visit! These girls are SO fun and were amazing at welcoming us when we first moved here from Alaska!

Peyton is excited about the snack table! Not sure how many brownies he ate…he got to open presents for Molly, so it was a good night!

Hensley came by and loved on Sis! I love to hang with Hensley, she is a super sweetheart!

Soph spent time with us too! Molly is working Sophs brother over and he is doing his best to talk his parents into adopting a baby! Chatting with Soph is always a gift!


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