Baby’s First Christmas…

Four Christmas seasons later, we have a GIRL!!! I’m not gonna lie…Christmas has been hard these past few years as we have been waiting for news about our baby girl. Each year I dream of “maybe the next Christmas tree will have that PINK ornament”.

I havent bought it yet and am so glad I didn’t because Whitney brought her one to the shower! It hangs at the top of our tree right under the HOPE star I got her last year. Praise God for the pink shoe that shines as a reminder of the seed of adoption He planted in our hearts that is now walking, squealing and bringing joy to us this year as we “deck the halls” to celebrate the Savior.


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  1. That is so cute! It is so fun to get out all those ornaments and they all bring back such good memories,don’t they? Now you will have some fun “girly” ones to add to your boy ones! Have a great Thanksgiving!LoveAbby


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