Youth Specialties…My Happy Place

This weekend was the YS conference in Nashvegas! This is the mega sweet Youth Pastor/leader crazy training/worship event that happens every year in three cities nationwide. It is challenging, encouraging, overwhelming, hillarious, equipping and worshipful all at the same time. Thousands of Youth Workers running around Nash all weekend is a BLAST and I am energized by the fact that we all do the same thing for the same cause and deal with the same stuff on an hourly basis.

This morning our Pastor said how being around people who are full of enthusiasum and hope can fill you up and motivate you to be compassionate and do good. Thats how it is here. I have been a few times over the years and LOVE the wife/women in youth ministry breakout sessions. There is nothing better than being in a room full of women that are also trying to mange ministry, marriage and mommyhood. It fills my soul and at this point in my life (new baby and three young sons) I needed some hope for how I can be used to serve my God, my husband and my students.

We ran into Lopez, a fellow Youth Pastor from Wasilla that networked with Kris. They have hung out and learned together this weekend!

Here is some of the topics that we chatted about, then all came together to talk out solutions from our experience…healthy, vibrant and just good stuff.

Of course being taught by amazing women generally helps make a good session! Can’t wait for Kris to bring home the CDs so I can drive these messages deeper into my life and hopefully share some stuff with ya’ll.


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