Nikes, Junk Food and Christmas Trees

My buddy Emily drove down from Missouri to meet Molly Howell for the first time! Last time we got to spend time with her was in Alaska last sumer!

The boys (and me) love it when Auntie Em comes to visit. It means we are going to P*A*R*T*Y!!!!!!!

Our time together was short but sweet and went something like this:

Em arrives @ 10pm and has sleepover with Howell boys while Kris and Jen are in Nashville

Chilled all day Friday until the boys she got new Nike bball kicks for the boys(then they began to run laps around the house), got four children ready for Mollys shower, went out to dinner, home for a movie! Molly pukes…all night.

Saturday Em and I tag team with the sick sweet girl…we washed lots of yucky laundry, Em made a trip with Zach to the store for everything a kid would want…she baked with the boys and made us lots of snacks…then out came the Christmas decorations while Sissy napped. Put up tree. Played guitars. Cosby Show.

Tomorrow we are attempting church if Sis has a good night 🙂 then she has to go home. At least home is not so far now that we live in Tennesse. Wish Sis wasnt sick but it was great to have a friend to help keep me sane this weekend 🙂 Thanks for making the trip Em! We love hanging out with you in different states.


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