Chew, Spit, Sculpt…

were the actions required to compete in the bubble gum turkey sculpture competition tonight at FSM! The teams went crazy chewing mouth fulls of gum, then the artists on the teams worked their magic and look at the beauty within the spit. I was impressed actually with the 3D look! At first they looked like intestines…but really, the placement of the gum chunks was so creative. You all should def try this out with the family gathering this weekend…memories.
Turkey bowling was fun too but had to be toned down to “curling”. Tarps, baby oil and wet, frozen turkeys made for a very slippery start to the Thanksgiving holiday! What a fun night with our awesome students.

The runner up gum turkey…
The grand prize winner…look at that gobble

The cute turkey with a huge beak/nose!

Ellen grosses out …no one will want gum for a while!

Ali shows her turkey bowl form.


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  1. okay I love all the excitement that you bring us with the youth. But this is where I draw the line!!!! GRRROOOOOOOSSS!!!!!! I am not even going to address this topic. Glad you had fun, but even more glad I wasn’t there to watch it. ;0)


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