Blogging Marathon: Roadtripin

Everyone has their own ideas of how to survive a family roadtrip. First we divide the trip in half…so the pit stop was at Stake n Shake 3 hours into the drive. Its a good motivational tool when everyone has to go potty.

Now some of you may not agree with our bringing technology (ie -xbox) or movies into the car because children need a break and need to learn to take in the scenery and talk to each other! I whole heartedly desire that for my kids…but not for 6 hours. Seriously. If ya got a good distraction, plug it in after a few hours!!! The Xbox also made the trip with us…Kris wired it all up to the monitor in the van and Ninga Turtles were saving the city as we drove down the highway.

Molly has a distraction…its called MOMMY. She made about half of the trip in her carseat…I know, I know thats bad, bad, bad. But for a kid who never sat in a car seat before, we are doing great! She would LOVE to keep that part of her Korean heritage alive..hahahahhaha. Dont worry Moms, she rides in her car seat when I’m driving.

Cherrios also make for fun entertainment. Eat two, empty bag, pick up, eat two more, throw a few, step on a few, pick up…you know how it goes!

On the way home Molly was throwing up…yes, isnt that fun! So I was stuck in that uncomfortable position that makes your arms numb and your back ache. Oh the things we do to make our kids comfortable when sick.

Plenty of fighting and shushing went on too. Dont worry, the Howell boys are capable of arguing about non existant things for hours 🙂 The problem was that I couldnt reach them in the back because I was holding my breath with Molly on my lap to avoid another round of barf.


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  1. Everything is soooooooo true! I was cracking up the whole time reading this. And yes the car seat thing is pretty much just not ganna happen. Even my cousin Kasey agrees and her husband is a Trooper!! LOL not at you but with you (I hope) Take care Jen and get some good rest!


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