check out this forcast all you Tennessee folk who dont believe in SNOW!!! A few posts ago I was wishing for a huge snowfall..the kind where you can’t go anywhere, schools close (even Howell Elem) and people scramble for milk and eggs in these parts 🙂
Just happened to check the forcast since we got to drive home in pretty snow flurries this afternoon…and lookie here. Snow in TN tonight. I hope its real guys! If so, we will get to reinstate our Alaska tradition of the “first snow” party! Paper snowflake making marathon, white cupcakes, and snow angles until we have no more dry clothes.

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  1. I thought about you & almost called you – just to warn you it wouldn't be anything major. We never get snow when they actually call for it. But EARLY this morning it was really pretty. The roof & table outside was covered. hahahaha Sorry, I just think it's funny. Right now my bones are aching for some sunny FLORIDA weather. 😉Glad you are back & had a good trip.


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