Blogging Fast……I made it!!!!

but not on purpose.

although I had thought about fasting from the tech world for a week just to see what I was missing out on.

We just got home (30 min ago) from a 6 hour road trip to Missouri for Thanksgiving. Nana’s house couldnt pick up a internet connection and it usually does…so God thought it was time for me to do that blog fast over Thanksgiving. Fitting, frustrating and fabulous all at once! I did however document the trip of course with pics and memories that I cant wait to load up and share with all you Nighthowell readers.

It was an exciting trip full of holiday fun, massive sweets, Disney channel overload, family fun, some barf moments by Molly, Silver Dollar City, and enough laughs to last a LONG time. Our new family of 6 makes a 6 hour road trip…………….INSANE. I did have some panic moments during the “fast” because I was worried I would forget so much that I usually would blog that day. Oh well. I learned much from not “logging on” and while it was hard at times, it was fun to not feel the pressure to keep up with the tech world. Now I’m back and looking forward to posting again!


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  1. Hey Jen,Wondered where you were! Yikes, I missed out on 4 days of drama, barf and a Howell”ing” good time.Glad you are back and will look for the new pics. I admire you for your sweetness and strength through this time of adjustment. Love and Hugs to you all!Jennifer A


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