Deck the Howells

The tree is up but did not go up quickly friends. For me, setting up the tree is monumental. We play the music, dust, clean floors, scrub toilets, and wipe down counter tops all so that the parade of rubbermaid tubs can make its entry into the house. I think my Dad instilled this quality in me…not sure but it seems like we couldn’t bring out the boxes unless the house was clean. I’ll have to ask my Sis.

This year my friend Em, the boys and girl and I put up the tree while Kris was away…all to suprise him with a completed Christmas home. LOL. It didn’t exactly happen that way because Molly had the flu and it took us 7 hours to get the tree up, lit, decorated (by little boys) and re-decorated a little by Zach and I. So my spotless home didn’t happen like usual.

Isn’t it weird that we feel like we have to have a spotless floor only to bring in the biggest mess of the year? Are you with me? Hopefully I’m not the only one out there who does this.

Actually I know I’m not alone. Today I read two blogs about setting up the tree and both involved cleaning first 🙂 The first has a sweet video in high speed of the whole process by the Whittakers. The second has a great photo of Jessica’s man cleaning for the mess!

I read a comment today that asked a great blog question for the Christmas trees out there.

Angel OR Star?

(Keats Angel tops our tree this year in all his glory)


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  1. Beautiful tree! We have a flying reindeer topping our Charlie Brown tree! Someday, if we have a larger home… I look forward to having an elegant tree with a star at the top. Then, the children can use the reindeer on their tree!


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