Blogging Marathon: Down Time

Nana has a great park near by where the boys can burn energy on their scooters and then play the day away. Sissy loved to swing, slide and even learned some U.S. geography. She can locate Tennessee on the map 🙂

We can’t forget that it is a flat out miracle that this girl came home to Tennessee! If you’ve kept up with the adoption news on this blog, they made a huge exception for her to come to TN rather than AK. Not only did God want us to move to a new church, he wanted us to move to a complicated state for our adoption so that He would be famous through the process.

She also can wear a bow and hat at the same time without removal…shes got skills.


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  1. You’ve got to tell me where I can get adorable bows for Shelby Grace. I am coming home to America next week and will be stocking up. I also LOVE that little cupcake hat your sister made for Molly. Wish I could knit so I could make one of those. Think she has a pattern in crochet?


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