Missing Korea…

Over Thanksgiving I got to introduce Molly to Nana’s neighbors who are Korean. It was an awesome experience and was the first time Sis heard her own language since we arrived home one month ago.

I asked Young Hee to speak Korean to Ra-hui. As soon as she started talking to her Molly reached out and went to her arms. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. My heart started fluttering for my daughter who I know was comforted by her language that spoke comfort and love to her.

I learned a few more Korean words and made sure what I knew was being said correctly 🙂 She said I was “very good Mother for Ra-hui”. She gave me a quick sticky rice lesson and handed Molly a pair of Korean baby chopstick trainers.

It made me miss Korea, the people, the language and Holts love for orphans. So here is to S.Korea and a reminder to myself to get my daughter to the Korean church here in town to hang with some peeps this Christmas!

It is so strange to look at these pics and think how I was dying inside here for Molly to know me as her Momma. Now, one month later…we are tight and most of the time inseperable. I adore her foster mother and know that Ra-hui would not be attatched to me without the love she was shown.


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