My baby and her green card…

We continue to get “happy” mail from USCIS. This time a “Welcome to the USA” letter and Molly’s official green card. Her little picture is the sweet orphan referral pic from Korea. Daddy said now that she has her green card, she can get a job :). Her job is to melt his heart!

It is so good to have all this paperwork coming in that just makes her adoption more and more real to us every day! My 8 month old daughter landed in the United States on October 23 in our arms. Even the coming home process is long.

We have our first post-placement report this week with Bethany out of Memphis! After all three reports are submitted (five more months) we will have an official court date where Molly Howell becomes our daughter on paper. I am getting an update ready for her Foster Momma..I know she misses this little girl every day!


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  1. Yeah! This brings back memories for me. I was very blessed to be there with my aunt and uncle for Gwyndelyn’s court day. What a happy day that is for you to look forward to!


  2. Yeah Molly!!!! I hope you are having a good week. It’s been fun seeing the guys, but looking forward to seeing you gals after the new year!!!! Tell Debby hi for me this week.


  3. Hey Jen!Do you facebook???I looked today and there was over 500 by your name! I’ve found since school started it’s easier for me to stay in touch with friends there than to blog….Just wondering!!!:)Chelle


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