Let there be loads of messes…

This post goes out to all you Mommas and keepers of little ones! Christmas tis the season for making BIG messes. I am terrible at pulling out the paint, grabbing the glitter, rolling out the cookie dough, and letting there be MESSES every single day.

If you’re like me…art stuff comes out every once in a while when the rest of the house is clean and the trashed kitchen doesn’t overwhelm me!

Its already the second week of December…there are many messes to make!

What are some fun art/baking things you’ve done with the little ones in your life?


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  1. we spray painted pine cones recently. gold and silver with glitter …outside. they have a table set up in the schoolroom that always has crayons, books, construction paper, hole punches, paint brushes, paint etc available. they are always crafting and making some kind of mess. good thing we have wood floors.


  2. Well it’s nothing too creative, but we did pull out paint and glitter for plaster tree ornaments today. We also did Spritz cookies with the cookie press. One fun thing to do (which will not be happening in this home this year) is to have the kids paint various things with fabric paint for gifts for grandparents, godparents, etc. We have done tote bags and t-shirts. We did their footprints across bath towels last year. Talk about MESS!


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