Dick and Jane…
Seriously, of all the books we have…my younger boys LOVE Dick and Jane. Keat reads it to Peyt rather quickly with long pauses at the snowing page and the cookies page!
Peyton has reminded me over and over that he wants to make all the cookies that are in the book. This book was also the inspiration for setting our tree up in the front room where there is nothing yet. Peyton said it had to be that way so that we could bring in two chairs for Mom and Dad just like the book.
The funnest quote I am taking from this story is from Peyton who points to the Dick, Jane and Sally on the front and says, “they don’t have very much kids, they need one more!” I love that he is happy with our family of 6 and sees a family of three of just needing one more. Glad he is at peace with not being the baby anymore although his actions the first month after bringing Molly home about did me in. We are on the other side now, where my once jealous son feels that Dick, Jane and Sally need another child in the family.

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  1. Funny, funny… we just returned that book to the library today! Drewy read it to Gav and Morgan the other day, it was so cute. Maybe they’re fourth child could be named Robby. Dick, Jane, Sally, and Robby. It just fits. 🙂 Fun talking last night!


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