Molly’s Dollies…

Molly’s Dollies

Long before I knew my girl, I was scouting out dollies for her! I fell in love with Corelle dolls. They have some really sweet Asian ones and they smell like yummy vanilla forever! My Mom got me the Calin baby with the headband threre years ago for Mothers Day. Kris’ Mom got her the Corelle washable baby and our friend from our fav toy store stop in Alaska sent her the trendy Asian dolly. Our house is officially GIRL territory.


3 thoughts on “Molly’s Dollies…

  1. Fun! I love that doll she sent you. I’ve been oohing and aahing over those for months! She is so sweet, that Mary. 🙂 Collect those dollies! I think Annika is getting her first one this Christmas. 🙂


  2. can I say that I have mightily resisted buying the asian corolle doll. i want to get it so bad, but we already have about 50 baby dolls. I had to resist. someday I will cave though. I am afraid I am going to be one of those cooky old ladies who collects baby dolls.


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