Thoughts on Curling Ribbon

I had it all piled up in front of me. The wrapping paper, bows, curling ribbon, gift tags, tape and scissors have made their appearance in front of the fireplace for our own version of a gift wrap station.

After I had finished up with the fun project of wrapping gifts for out of state family, I sat at the table to eat some lunch when Keaton Kraigary walked up with deep thoughts on curling ribbon.

Handing me a cut piece of RED ribbon
Keat-“here Momma, this is a bookmark for your Bible to remind you that of Jesus’ blood when he died on the cross.”
Me- “oh thanks Keat, I will always thing of Jesus when I see that red ribbon. what a great thought buddy!”
A few minutes later between playing hide and seek with the bros…he handed me the same size white ribbon.
Keat-“and this one is to help you be glad that he rose up and is alive for us today!”
Me- “unbelievable Keaton Howell, I’m so glad you’re thoughts are on the real reason for Christmas and baby Jesus.”

From the heart of a 6 year old boy, may your eyes see his death and ressurection in the celebration of his birth this Christmas!


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