Saddened for Wasilla Bible…

We got word from my Sis up in Alaska that our home church was burnt by arsons. I’m sure you’ve seen in on yahoo or the national news by now but my heart is sad today.

Sitting in church this morning, listening to the children sing, watching kids and youth be baptized and looking out over the sea of people who had come to worship warmed my heart for our community.

I was also hurting for the church we served at for 5 years. After meeting in the middle school while the building was built and then celebrating the provision of God’s faithfulness…they are once again at the middle school this morning for a short service.

The message at Fellowship was good for my heart and reminded me that the church is not the walls and fancy/hip stucture that we visit on Sunday. The church is the people who are not called to sit in four walls and be happy. We were commanded to go out into the world to share the message of Hope in Christ.

I am hopeful that WBC will accomplish that goal in how they handle the damage of not only a building, but of a congregation displaced. Maybe God is giving them a deeper connection to the community this way. I don’t know. But by serving a community in the midst of your own trials. God can be seen clearer sometimes. Just thinkin.


One thought on “Saddened for Wasilla Bible…

  1. Oh, Jen. It was such a meaningful and “hopeful” service. Pastor Larry and the staff has handled this situation with LOADS of grace. It is sad that someone would do this to our church, but, now, we are all excited to see how God is going to receive the glory from a sinful act. Thanks for your prayers. Love ya, Rachel


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