I said I miss SNOW not ICE!

Ice Storm…

The weather guy is calling for an ice storm to hit. Ice storms are crazy. I’ve been in a couple in Missouri and the tree branches brake, taking out power and leaving the driving conditions terrible. Oh joy.

Kris was out gathering some goods for the “winter weather warning” and he said Walmart is packed! On everyones list: batteries, matches, candles, milk, eggs, bread, and I’m sure most people are freaking out enough that they are buying Christmas gifts just in case this hazzardous weather lasts until next week.

If we lose power (which we shouldn’t because we have underground utilities) then that would be the reason for the blog pause :). Thankfully we have two gas fireplaces that will hopefully work and keep the house warm! Should be exciting…can you tell I am missing Alaska at this point?

Tell us your best winter storm story.


2 thoughts on “I said I miss SNOW not ICE!

  1. The last MAJOR ice storm (this shouldn't be that bad) I was a student at Union. We were without power for days – luckily Andy's folks had power, they are behind the hospital, which is one of the first places they restore. We(my roomies & I)were able to spend a few days at the home of my wonderful boyfriend. It was fun – playing games, sitting in front of the fire with no worries. ;0) The same storm left some areas without power for up to 3 1/2 weeks because it destroyed so many transformers. Cuddle up & enjoy your time at home tomorrow.


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