Looking Back…

Our boys are growing up and today during school I had them each “take the stage”. This means they get to stand, yes stand on the desk while the rest of us sit on the floor and listen. We practice asking interesting questions and then they get to anwer when they are on stage.

Keaton cracked us up but also teared up himself. The question was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Keat answers with, “I dont’ know yet, but I’m not having kids.”

To my suprise I asked another question. “Why not Keat? You are so great with kids!”

He replys, “if I have kids they will bother me all the time and I can’t do whatever I want and if I want to go see a big kid movie I can’t because I will have to sit and watch Baby Einstien or something…”

Next came the teary eyes to which I said, “keat don’t worry, kids will bring you lots of laughter and fun. Mommy and Daddy would be so bored without you!” He finishes…”well, maybe but not till I’m older like 36.”

I love these pics of the boys when they were tiny booger pickin, beach bummin and just a little bundle crawlin. Such sweet, sweet days. Now they are 9, 6 and 4. I’m at a place where I can’t take a day for granted. They are only home for a while. It is a pleasure to be home with them….most of the time :).


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