Confessions of a TN Mom part 2

So about the bow thing with my girl…we now own a seriously amazing collection of BOWS thanks to a sweet Mom of three adorable daughters. I inherited a HUGE bag of all their Tennessee bows!! Big, small, Christmas, Easter, crazy, cute, stripes, polka dots, light pink, dark pink, winter, summer…its all there. These things cost $$$ people. One little bow at our childrens botique is $6 and then you have to buy the headband if your kid has no hair which is $4. Now do you see why all the hype?

Sis gets the the “She keeps her bows on so well” compliment everywhere. So while that lasts- bows will on top of her cute little head.


One thought on “Confessions of a TN Mom part 2

  1. So funny Jen. When I had our #4 and first girl, I was passed down some VERY similar bows from a dear friend who moved here from Texas. I just didn’t get it, and the ziplock bag is still in Anna’s drawer. None of the bows have been worn, but now she likes clipping them on to her purses. Guess it’s a southern thing…and Molly sure wears them well!


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