It was morning time. We were are out of milk, so ceral wasn’t happening, or pancakes…so I decided to make some ham and cheese eggs. What a nice Mommy. I cracked 10 eggs, beat them and poured them into the pan and turned the burner to medium. Next I hear sweet Molly calling for me from her crib. I joyfully hurried to greet our doll baby. When I walked into her glowing pink room, I smelled a foul odor and could almost see her diaper glowing all shades of poop. I rescued her out of the crib and went directly to the bathroom, ran warm Johnsons bubble bath, dumped in the turtles, ducks and alphabet foamy things and placed the stinky cutie in the water. We played, sang songs, kicked, splashed and got all clean when all of the sudden……I smelled another foul smell in my home. Burnt EGGS!!! “OH MY GOODNESS THE EGGS ARE BURNING!!!!!” I grabbed my dripping and now freezing baby out of the bath and ran to the kitchen to see if their were any flames. Whew, just a crusty, nasty mass of egg.We ended up with a huge, thick egg pattie that was kinda fun to flip around because of its massive quality. The moral fo the story: multitasking can be a hazzard especially if bathwater, babies and eggs on burners are involved.


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