Molly Got the Backstage Pass!

So we got to go to a Christmas concert this weekend featuring Rush of Fools, Chris Sligh from American Idol, Ayiesha Woods and Newsong! IT ROCKED and was totally more than we expected it to be. They mixed it all up with strings, bells, lots of drummer boy drums and some good video clips too. BUT, the best part of the night was getting to meet Kim who travels with Newsong full time to share his story of how his life began. It is an incredible story. He was actually an orphan in South Korea with Harry and Bertha Holt who began the HOLT adoption heritage. His American parents came to Korea to adopt him and they were there when Harry died of a heartattack…all documented on this cool and touching video. Molly and Kim are buddies now and it was a blessing to meet a man who has dropped his music career to speak on behalf of the orphans and Holt International.


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