Its what every family needs…

Every family needs an Auntie nearby especially if you live far away from home.
India came into our lives during our interview weekend at FBC and has been given the high and esteemed “Aunite/Nanny” role in the Howell fam! She LOVES our kids, helps me, comes over for lunch to keep us company, and is also a leader with me for FSM.
We have a super fun and real friendship that I am thankful for. She came over to hang out after the candlelight service and the Howell kids got to open their first Christmas gifts…we LOVE you India!!!
Go visit her blog and tell her just how rad she is for putting up with the Nighthowells…it does get a little crazy around here!


One thought on “Its what every family needs…

  1. Jen! I love you guys so much! I still can’t get over how much the boys loved their toys and how much Molly loved her gloworm! I’ve got the adoption fever and I’m not even married yet!


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