And Molly Makes Six!

Our mantle is full of hand crafted, bright red stockings made by Grandma Kay in Alaska. MKay has made everyone in our family stockings! This year is especially memorable with Molly making our stocking line up reach the number 6 mark 🙂

She made mine in 1993 and sent Kris and Zachs to Georgia in 1999 when we were in college, just in time for Z’s first Christmas. Keatons was made in 2002 for his first Christmas night in Alaska, Peyton Jeffs was delivered in Alaska for his first COLD Christmas and now Molly’s arrived on our doorstep just days ago here in Tennessee in 2008.

They are so sweet and mean so much more, knowing that she spent time making them for each of us.

Thank you Marla Kay for starting such a sweet tradition…here you are 8 grandchildren later! That is amazing. We all treasure our stockings each year and the love that went into getting them to us all over the country. WE LOVE YOU.


2 thoughts on “And Molly Makes Six!

  1. Hey Jen-I love the stockings! They look great! We are so busy with my brother in town and some friends visiting….we will have to figure out when we will be available!I hope you guys have a wonderful first Christmas with Molly!!love,Jen


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