Worth the Wait

Molly was full of smiles Christmas morning! One of my favorite memories as a little girl is wearing new nightgowns on Christmas Eve or Christmas night.
My Mom would usually sew us flannel gowns or buy us some. I felt like time could stand still that night, I would sometimes pretend in my mind that we lived long ago like Little House on the Prairie! Sissy got her first Princess gear and we put on her new nightgown Christmas morning!
Daddy gives the boys their ornament on Christmas Eve to hang on the tree and they got to open one gift from out of state family. Thankfully they were legos that kept them busy into the wee hours of the night.

Molly gets tossed in the air…and just to freak this Mommy out, Dad adds in a few twists and flips. She LOVES it. She may have diving or gymnastics in
her future 🙂

The Nighthowells are appropriately tired from a late night and lots of excitement.

The brotherhood sitting in birth order opening gifts…we start out allowing one at a time to try and enjoy a few moments…

Christmas Eve night Molly fell asleep in my arms sitting next to the tree lights. It was unbelievable to hold our blessing the night before Christmas. My heart feels for those adoptive families who are still waiting for their arms to be full. I sat there holding sweet girl, thanking God for providing us with our hearts deepest desire and praying for those who are dealing with a Christmas minus that long awaited child.


One thought on “Worth the Wait

  1. Sweet post, sis. I’m so thankful Molly is home. I can’t believe this is already our 2nd Christmas not being together… 😦 I’m so glad you guys are so happily settled in TN. Miss you like crazy, especially my niecey. I love all of her teeth in that smile!!!


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