Chocolate Christmas Comfort

I can’t take it anymore!!! Everywhere I turn there is chocolate, candy, cheesecake, cookies and of course I have to bake. See’s candy has been a long time tradition in the Howell family from when Kris was a child. His family from out of state would send it to them in Alaska. Nana made sure we had more than enough and this is what says eat me from the pantry when I am blogging.

We started running again, so hopefully when the chocolate is gone – the running will do its thing. Help remove the CCC poundage that screams SEE’S CANDY :). Forget new years resolutions, this is serious enough to start running NOW. Why do we do this to ourselves gals? We work hard, take a break, eat bunches of junk, feel guilty and frompy then start exercise again. As my Grandpa Les would say, “now thats gettin it the hard way!”.

Merry post Christmas workouts my friends!


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