She Remembers Umma

I have only shown Molly her Foster Umma’s pic one other time since she has been home. The first time she didn’t say much. Today…her response to the picture of this loving woman made Molly grab the little album and kiss her picture. Then she started tapping the photo saying, “UMMA MA, UMMA MA…”.

She remembers the love of this woman. I love her for her devotion to our daughter and I hope we can do a good job of keeping her alive in Molly’s life. I know she is missing Sissy like crazy because I can not imagine our family life without this baby girl.
The best way I know how to thank her is to always include her in Molly’s life story. I think of this woman along with the birth Mother every day. We are so thankful for this baby girl chosen by God for our family. Home for two months now, she is full of personality, love, hugs, kisses, squeals and laughter. The adjustment period is over and the first post placement report is finished. We are on our way to finalization in April!


One thought on “She Remembers Umma

  1. We're back in town!! Good to catch up with you via this computer. Looks like you've had a wonderful Christmas & I am so glad that Molly is here to enjoy it with you guys. I am sure having a girl in the mix made things quite different this year. What a blessing.Have fun tonight, see you in 2009 at the the game Sat.


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