All Packed Up

I can’t even believe that we are all packed up from Christmas. Usually it takes well into Jan to finish the task of un-decorating the house! Nana was a huge help and I can proudly say that it is Jan 2 and it does not look like Christmas at the Howells.

As I was taking down paper snowflakes and sifting through coloring pages all over the place I found myself more sentimental about the boys art stuff…soon they will be all too big to make me pics for the fridge. I ended up saving the whole fridge door.


3 thoughts on “All Packed Up

  1. Rachel says:

    I can say that ours is all packed up too. After new years I get all agitated if it isn’t all put away. The house feels so wide open and clear once its all gone.


  2. Ingram Gang says:

    Thank you for stopping by my site also. You have a precious family. I love it…3 boys and a princess. Growing up, I thought having three older boys and then a little girl would be the perfect combination. Also, I saw that your husband is in student ministry. Mine is as well. He is a high school pastor. Happy 1st Birthday to your beautiful daughter.A


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