Howell Fam Pics: Behind the Scenes

I’ve been looking through the fun pics that Ashley took for us, trying to find some good ones to blow up for Kris’ office at Fellowship. I forgot how many goofy blooper shots Ash got while I we tried to get our kids to cooperate for “just one more shot”. Keat required a headlock, Molly was grabbing Keats ears, Zach was cracking up at the frozen underwear that were on the stairs in the alley until I told him that homeless people lived back there…but underwear is a funny word to boys so they were out of control laughing. Everyone was annoyed with Peyton…and oh what a happy, nutso family.


4 thoughts on “Howell Fam Pics: Behind the Scenes

  1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful family and your little girl is just adorable. I read through some of your adoption blogs and just loved them. I’m adopted from Korea, too-from a city north of Seoul, but that was a long time ago.


  2. Love the pictures! Yes, I have finished the book. Thanks for suggesting it. It was great, also very emotional (needed lots of tissue) Thanks again for the suggestion. Sometimes it seems like it will be so far in the future because of the expense, but God has it all planned out. We will just keep praying for his timing and direction.


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