Sea Weed Wraps & Korean Peeps

Ever since we landed in the U.S. with Molly, I have been hoping to take her to the Korean church here in town to make some new friends and give Sis the chance to hear her language regularly. This Sunday I decided to stop by after our service and see what was going on! When I walked in the building, we heard a man speaking Korean over the hallway speakers. Molly was looking around like crazy…the service let out and that is when I met Pastor Lee.

As soon as I introduced myself and said that Molly was adopted from Korea, I was ushered into the meeting room for a potluck! It was so good for me and Molly. They passed her around and placed a plate in front of me immediately 🙂 Molly was mobbing the sticky rice. Poor baby, I forget to make it for her. The ladies told me the feed her the sea weed wraps because they were very good for her. One of the sweet gals showed me how to put the rice in the sea weed and they she fed some to Molly. She LOVED it. She could not get enough. They told me where the Asian market was, so I could stock up on some favorite Korean foods for her.

I look forward to spending more time with these people. They loved Molly’s Korean name Ra-hui and said that she was a very beautiful Korean girl. I couldnt agree more! The pastors wife offered to make the sea weed soup that is traditionally served at the first birthday celebration! I have a huge party to throw according to Korean custom. More to come on those plans later, but thankfully I have some great mentors to teach me!


4 thoughts on “Sea Weed Wraps & Korean Peeps

  1. How cool, sis! That sounds about perfect… I love that she perks up at the sound of someone speaking Korean. Amazing. Man, her first b-day is just around the corner. I wish I could be there… I miss you!


  2. TOO COOL!!Where is the Asian market? We are trying to get some things ready for Chinese New Year & my friend goes all the way to Memphis. I hope you've found something a little closer. It was good to be with you guys on Sunday. We were totally blessed. See ya Saturday.


  3. Awww….LOVE IT! How awesome to know God had this all planned in advance for your family. What a total blessing to be able to be mentored in the ways of your sweet girl’s birth culture! I can’t get over how she’s growing and changing–wow. She is definitely a beauty!


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