Molly’s Tol Celebration…2 weeks & counting!

This week is dedicated to getting educated on the Korean Tol or first birthday celebration! I have learned a ton about how to throw Molly’s party the Korean way. My Korean friend from the HOLT baby nursery sent me some instructions! I wish she could come help me 🙂 Here is how she describes how the Tol should be prepared for Molly. She was embarrassed about her English but I think she did GREAT!
First of all, congratulation on Molly’s first birthday.
In Korea, baby’s first birthday is really important event. Long time ago, when Korea society didn’t have improved medical treatments, a lot of babies died for many diseases. So, baby’s one year has really important meaning. That is baby could overcome threat of death and after one year they have more possibility to live. Therefore, traditionally baby’s one year is really big event in Korea.
In celebration of baby’s first birthday, a lot of babies wear Hanbok and they are took photo alone one picture. The photo shows baby’s whole body. Like that.

Nowadays, many parents commit specialty stores. That is convenient but I think it isn’t good to child and spend a lot of money. Also, more and more baby’s first birthday has lost tradition and it becomes western birthday party. It is really sad.

Korea traditional a table laid in celebration of a baby’s first birthday is look like second photo.

I introduce some main foods and things.
Fruits (whatever), white rice cake, a kind of honey cake made of glutinous kaoliang and read beans, a rice cake steamed on a layer of pine needles, pine nuts, jujube, noodles, an artificial flower, round table.

White rice cake : pray for baby’s long life and pure.
a kind of honey cake made of glutinous kaoliang and red beans: red beans repel misfortune and disaster.
Noodle : long life
Jujube: prosperity of offspring
Round table: live in harmony with others and get peaceful personality.

Last, there is really important event. It is a baby’s selection of his or her preference from among his or her first birthday presents. Parents put some things on the table and lead baby to select something. The following is what baby can select.
Threads : good health and long life.
A pencil, a book, a note : be good at studies.
Money or rice : rich
A needle or a ruler : good hand skill

Above things are traditional, these days various things can use.

I really want to help to prepare Molly’s birthday. But I am not good at English, so I couldn’t explain precisely. I’m sorry.
I hope Molly and yours have good and happy birthday party. J

I have lists going all over the place. Asian Market lists, guest lists, things to make lists, and most importantly cooking lesson lists. I am trying to make it simple….(laugh here). Just some sticky rice, sea weed soup, noodles and fruit. Plus an guide to the customs and explainations behind the Tol for guests. Really I just want Molly to know that we fell in love with Korea, its people and HER!


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