Sea Weed Wraps & Korean Peeps Part 2

We hung out at the Korean church again Sunday. I love being around those people…so sweet with our daughter, happy that she has a loving family and accepting of us wanting to keep her culture alive in her life!

Mrs. Lee is the Pastor’s wife and when she saw Molly she came up and pinched her cheeks and said, “Ra-hui, I missed you so MUCH!” This time I had the whole fam, so the boys ate their weight in fresh oranges and rice. They sang “Happy Birthday” to Kris and Sissy started clapping.

Keat said, “May I have some of those noodles?” They all laughed and said, “hahahahh NOODLES!” He was pointing to bean sprouts :). Keat said, “NO THANKS”.

I am looking forward to spending some time with Mrs. Lee this weekend! I invited her to come to Memphis to go to the Asian markets to pick up ingredients for the birthday food. I can not wait.

We also met Mrs. Sue who is an exchange prof at Union U this year. She is from Seoul and she began to cry when I told her where Molly was born. They share the same birth city!

I love our new friends who are quickly becoming family.

One thought on “Sea Weed Wraps & Korean Peeps Part 2

  1. It’s so cool that you guys are doing this, Jen. Bravo! It’s a little bit like heaven will be when we all collide up there.I love you guys and I wish I could be a part of what you are doing there. I’m happy to be your cheerleader since I can’t be near.Kristy


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