It was one of those nights…

Being a Wife and Mommy has its joys but would not be complete without its share of complications. Two nights ago was no exception!
It seemed like the longest bedtime routine of my life after the longest school day at Howell Elem of my life!
The boys all wanted more stories, more stories, prayer after prayer for good dreams, hug after hug, kiss after kiss (which I don’t take for granted)and lots of shouts down the hallway to me as I took a deep breath in hopes of finding the couch and some coffee asap. As soon as I hit the couch, my neverending night of complications began.
Molly woke at midnight…wanted to cozy Mommy. Put her back to bed. Sat back down. Keat wakes up for a drink (classic reason to get out of bed). Put him back to bed. Sat back down. Molly wakes again with dirty diaper and wants mum mum (bottle). Put her back to bed. I run for my bed to go to sleep in fear of what the rest of the night may hold. I doze off into REM when I wake to Zachy standing over me holding his tummy. “Mom, my stomach has been rumbling in my bed.” Me, “Do you feel like you have to throw up?” Zach,”Maybeeeeeeeee, OH NOOOO!” Me, “RUN TO THE BATHROOM!”
Cleaned that up. Put him back to bed. Molly wakes up crying about her teeth. I give up with putting her back to bed. Finally at 4am. Zach, Molly and Mommy found rest and this is how the rest of the family found us in the morning.

5 thoughts on “It was one of those nights…

  1. Oh Girl. Been there, and surely will be there again. Just remember we have crowns in Heaven to look forward to. Our awesome God sees every sleepless night we go through…every puke mess we clean up…EVERYTHING. Sending big hugs to you.


  2. I’m so glad to read this post, it almost makes me want to cry! OK, let me explain….. Truly, I’m terribly sympathetic about the sleepless night, poor Molly’s honker molars, and cutie Zach’s achey tummy! HUGS to you for the rough night….. The other day I had a really rough entire day with my girls. The drama and whining were over the top, and Kate, Kate was getting into sooooo much trouble, constantly. I felt like the school day had been a failure, I thought I probably had the worst Mommy attitude EVER, and then the long awaited bedtime came and one girlie got hurt, another girlie had more major issues, and I just thought I was going to lose it! I KNOW we’re not to compare, but several times during that day I thought about all those happy, smiling faces on your blog, and I thought, “Jen doesn’t seem to have days like this!!” Of course, I do know better, but our flesh loves to rub it in and make us feel even worse!!!Thanks for your dose of reality! Again, sorry for the rough night! (I wasn’t rejoicing in your misery!) (((HUGS))) to you!


  3. Ugh, I’m so sorry sis… hope you’ve caught up on sleep by now!Everything is cancelled today, it went from -24 a few days ago to 42 above and all the snow is melting turning everything into an ice rink… no school (well not for us) and art lessons are cancelled today. Bummer!


  4. jen,I feel your pain you poor thing. I am not sure how mommies make it through these night but we do-somehow. I’ve also had a few rough ones lately. I am super thankful for the weather the last two days, since school is cancelled and I don’t have to get out of bed in the am!!! I hope the nights since have been better for you!


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