If she could see her now…

As I make final preparations for Molly’s one year celebration, I can’t help but to think of a courageous Birth Mother in S.Korea. This time last year, she was making her final preparations for the birth of her baby as well as receiving the counsel needed in order to give her child over to HOLT for adoption.

What a year its been for us…but what a year it was for her. Difficult circumstances led her to the adoption decision and oh how grateful we are to have been given the priviledge of raising our Korean princess daughter.

This celebration is to recognize the blessing we’ve been give by God. It is just as much of a celebration to honor the three women in her life that made her first year safe, loving and life giving. Birth Mommy for nine months of unborn care to Molly, Foster Mommy from birth to 4 months and Foster Mommy 4 months to our arrival at 9 months! This girl as been through a lot of change in 12 months.

Night after night we prayed at bedtime that Sissy would be in safe, loving arms while we waited. We also begged God to give her peace that we were coming for her. He did all of those things because ADOPTION is HIS idea.


One thought on “If she could see her now…

  1. Hey Jen,What exciting times! Molly is so precious and her Tol will be a great success, I know.Sydney, Tyler and I will be there next Sunday. Hoping, but not sure about Scott. The Tol is the place to be that night!


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