If you could pick one…

After Christmas break, I/we always struggle to get back into the school grove at home! I mean, break was going sooooo well, why mess up a good thing?

While that reasoning sounded good, the voice of “Tennessee summer sunshine” spoke to me and reminded me that I do not want to be doing school with the boys when the swimming pool is open for business!

In order to beat the back to school blues we have been trying to play more games and mix things up a bit. Last week I did a couple lessons on our community helpers. For the game we played sharades…always entertaining but sometimes dangerous. They picked out a person and acted out their job until we guessed it.

After looking really hard at the poster, Peyton Jeff said in all seriousness, “Hey Mom, they forgot to put a Youth Pastor on this poster!” I told him that could easilly be corrected :). I need lots of motivation this time of year.

For those of you who have asked, “How can you do that homeschool thing??? I could NEVVVERRR do that. I would go crazy!!!” I am here to tell you that it is not easy and usually doesnt look like Little House on the Prairie and most of the time it is CRAZY.

I hear Moms talking about how nice it is to send their kids back to school…(there could be a good post coming on that line) but teaching your kids at home doesnt exactly allow for such a break! I however am grateful that sending my kids back to school means us gathering in the schoolroom or around the table or on the couch or under the table or in the yard or at the park…for learning together. Its been a blessing for our family and a decision we will never regret.


One thought on “If you could pick one…

  1. glad to hear your honest opinion on homeschooling. i’m seriously considering it…though i have a few more years to decide as e is only two. one of my concerns is socialization. in what ways do your boys (and someday m) hang out with other kids? classes? sports? church? i’m just curious…


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