Obama Momma

Woke up earlier than normal this morning with Molly. Put her back down to sleep and when I would normally hit the couch for some much needed snooze time…I turned on the news watch the morning coverage of the Obama inauguration! I can honestly say that I have never watched a Presidential inauguration before…and def not an ENTIRE days worth of coverage.

Today was historic and no matter what our political differences are. After the election, I was reminded that nothing is a suprise to our God! I rested in that truth and hope to show our children that even if we didnt vote Obama, we need to pray for him and honor him as our authority.There are plenty of issues that I am not down with that Obama supports, but I am full of pride for our country and desire the best for the new First Family.

I had to break away from the coverage to go to our Moms group at church. 2 hours of Mom time. When I got home I told the boys that school for today was watching everything we could about our new President. We took in loads of historical facts and learned much about tradition that goes into the event and looked up all kinds of stuff online about the White House!

As I watched Michelle walk down Penn Ave with her man, all I could think of was how her life as a Momma has drastically changed. She is now the Momma of two little White House girls (the youngest WH children since Amy Carter) and the wife of the President of the USA who handles both world and local affairs. What is it like to tell your daughter “no” in front of secret service guys and have her get upset or cry when you are trying to have an important conversation with your husband? Surely Michelle deals with real life marriage and parenting like all of us. You guys know that those times when you are trying to have a serious conversation with your man and the kids interupt to tell on each other or ask for a bandaid…Those girls will keep the White House staff entertained. The boys were happy to know they have a Wii. This is big news.


2 thoughts on “Obama Momma

  1. Okay, so I just listened to the Happy Birthday Song in Korean… it’s SO cute! Annika smiled a bobbed her head. 🙂 We’ll sing it for her tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday Molly!!!!!! And yes, I’m way into hearing about having young kiddos at the White House. 🙂 It will be fun to follow!


  2. Sounds like a fun day. We only did a little. We did the kids party last night on Disney. The boys were pumped to hear that the girls were Hannah Montana fans. So, there you have have it. Six boys from TN giving the First Kids their approvals. ;0)


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