One year ago today…

a baby was born in Korea

a Mother chose life in tough circumstances
in a culture where unwed pregnancies are unacceptable

a family encouraged adoption for the best of the baby
at birth and a HOLT counselor was at her side

“what name do you want to give your baby?” she asked the Mother.

“I can’t do it, would you please give her a name of hope?”

she was given a name and an orphan number and placed in the loving arms of a Foster Mommy.

in Tennessee, a family of 5 was waiting for a Sister.
they waited for 28 months.

in May came the referral of a 4 month old baby girl over the telephone.

shortly after the call, came this photo came to our email

today we celebrate the birthday of our Molly

today we celebrate the decision of our Birth Mother to give life to the baby in her tummy, in hopes of a bright future.

We honor her, thank her and ask God to give her peace about the love she has in our family.


9 thoughts on “One year ago today…

  1. The Stewart’s (mostly Carlee Hayse because all she has said this morning is “Mowwy Parteeee”) are so excited to be a part of the celebration of Molly’s life!!!


  2. Happy Birthday, sweet little Molly. Your little life has already been a magnificent testimony to the love and faithfulness of Almighty God. Thank you, Jen, for being so intent on including all of us in your story. Grace on ya!Kristy Tracy


  3. Happy Birthday sweet Molly Ra-hui! We can't wait to meet you one day and to give you hugs and kisses. Have a wonderful day, Howell Family!!! Such an amazing blessing to be celebrating your daughter's first birthday in your home that loves Jesus Christ and honors Him in your lives!!! We love and miss you so much, Ashley (& Matt)


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