Deliliah and Freshman Girls

I LOVE spending time with Freshman girls. They don’t know that I have Deliliah skills yet. When the drama heats up with boys…I am so on it. I started this talk show up in AK on a Yukon float trip. It has become my method for getting info out of girls. “You’re on live with Deliliah..tell our listening audience about your lost love.” Next the phone lines start ringing off the hook! “We’ve got a caller on line 1, Hi caller number one, tell us your story…” .


3 thoughts on “Deliliah and Freshman Girls

  1. That is a cool way to get the girls to open up to you. Sometimes the most frustrating thing for me is getting a new group of girls and then spending several months building up that trust where they feel they can talk about things. I can’t blame them, but still…


  2. Jenny Howell I miss you! I need your new cell number so I can call you…I am back in AK now for a bit and we need to catch up! BTW you are pretty much the best blogger ever! -Cassie


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