I can’t believe we pulled it off!

Kris loaded the slideshow today but I wanted to give ya’ll a run down of the night. I still can’t believe everyone showed up for our daughters 1st bday. She has only been in the states for 3 months and you would think she was a ROCK STAR. She totally is.

Lanterns were hung all over the room (thank you Erin and Hannah for laughing with me as we tangled fishing line up all over the place and May for decorating them in Korean. They are a treasure!)

Everyone filed in the barn. I gave an explaination of why we were throwing such a big party and gave some cultural insight to the night.Kris prayed for Sis then Pastor Lee prayed in Korean. It was beautiful.

Our Korean friends were sweet servants, dishing up everyones plates and saying, “I hope you enjoy!”. They were such a blessing

Kids colored Korean traditional color pages and ran around blowing bubbles. Thankfully, I had several generous friends bring a table full of “kids” food! We played the Tol game where the baby choses two items from the table that will predict her future. With Daddy as her guide, she chose the string, for a long life and her book/Bible, for a good student! Lots of cheering going on as she made her big picks.

Next came the birthday song in Korean that has been on this blog all month. We played it every day at breakfast…she def knew it when it came on at the party. She rocked back and forth and clapped 🙂

She received several kind and meaningful gifts. A hand painted work of art for her room with her name and a verse we’ve prayed for her while she was waiting for us in Seoul. Two letters were also handed to me that night from an adoptee. Just the thought of someone thinking of how our baby might feel 20 years down the road was enough for me to tear up. There was also a letter to Kris and I, as adoptive parents. Priceless. Also in the mix were perfectly thought out princess attire such as a huge tutu, pink satan slippers, sweet outfits, and even some traditional gifts! We now have a 1 year old girl running around the house pushing her new stroller with her tutu, holding a baby by the leg. Thats my girl.

Thanks everyone for your love, help and support. We have a great family here in Tennessee.

Playing dress up with Andi and C.H.
Lovin time with Soph.

I tried to save on decorations…so I brought everything I bought in Korea!

Greeting friends 🙂

Daddy shows Molly the Tol table before her final selections.

A big thank you to Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Sue for cooking ALL day for the party. You made it so very special.

Our new friends. More than I could have hoped for. They love Molly!

Thanking God for his faithfulness.

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