Jane Fonda

So, I have recently accepted the challenge to join a “Biggest Loser Competition” with a bunch of girls. Its past time to get back into working out because shorts and swim weather come way too fast around these parts! In Alaska you didnt think of shorts until…June.

It was only $10 to join and we log in on a workout blog. Really, I don’t care about winning but I require motivation and a star chart to get me back in the grove.

I’ve pulled out my Billy Blanks and Jam videos for inspiration BUT my favorite workout video of all time…JANE FONDA. She is hillarious you guys! I was doing a small group lesson on a passage in Proverbs about staying fit/healthy and we did an entire JF workout. I just may need to grab me some leg warmers at Target.


2 thoughts on “Jane Fonda

  1. When I was i junior high we had to do Sweatin’ to the Oldies with Richard Simmons when it was too cold to go outside and to P.E. And a family friend used to do Jane Fonda’s workouts … good stuff 🙂


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