I am surrounded by great Moms with sweet girls & boys born the same year as Molly! Yes, being out of the “baby” stage brings some much desired freedoms – but I wouldn’t trade being a “baby” Momma again for nothing! If it wasn’t for Sis, I would be missing out on getting to know these great great gals. Moms need to stick together to laugh with and at each other, cry when necessary and encourage one another. There is something refreshing about having a good support network of women in my life. All of these Moms except myself and one other are all first time Moms! Yes, I am the old one but I’m okay with that. Four kids will get you there faster than you ever thought possible.
So, are you a “have lots of friends that you know a little” or are you a “have just a couple close, close buddies” kind of person?

2 thoughts on “Baby BOOM

  1. What a great group you look like! How awesome to have such support. 🙂As far as friendships I am definitely the “have just a couple” of very close friends type of person. But I guess that fits this introvert. I get exhausted at the mere thought of having a lot of friends that I sort of know. Enjoy your group! It’s obvious that you thrive around lots of people and that is one of God’s gifts to you and others!


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