She’s Gonna Blow…

There are lots of things I miss about living in Alaska. People ask me all the time, “Don’t you miss it there?”. And my answer is always, ” Yep, I miss my family, friends and MOUNTAINS.” There really is not place like it. It is not crowded, there is lots of woods to play in, mountains to hike up, rivers to fish in, and just pure beauty to look at. However, I do not miss earthquakes or those random thoughts of big earthquakes nor would I miss a volcanic eruption, complete with an ash storm. This spectacular volcano Mt. Redoubt is supposed to blow any day. Tennessee has plenty of drawbacks as far as natural disasters. Like…..huge tornadoes, nasty storms and NO MOUNTAINS. I do however find it an adventure to live in different states with drastically different climates and landscapes. More important than any land or weather feature is people. They are who make each of the 5 states I’ve lived in amazing. I hope all my AK friends have their face masks ready!


3 thoughts on “She’s Gonna Blow…

  1. I love the mountains…I like the beach, but would rather be in the mountains and at the lake. I want to visit Alaska someday, too. It looks like it is gorgeous there!


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